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New Consulting Service for the Rowing Community in 2020.

Madder Consulting helps professionals and organizations in the rowing community grow and progress so that rowing can be enjoyed and valued by everyone.

I am offering this service in 2020 because after 25+ years in the rowing community, I believe we can do better. I would like to leverage my experience in building, growing, and improving rowing organizations towards helping others grow and progress in a positive and meaningful way.

I am available to talk to anyone about the challenges you face in your professional rowing career, or growing and managing your organization. As a coach and as a manager, I have seen and done so much with so many programs over the years, there is a lot to share. I think I can assist you with almost any problem you may encounter. I’m here to help.

Watch this space for more entries with insights and tips into how to manage your career, your organization, and everything in between.

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