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Image by Keith McCrea


Fundraising is a critical part of any non-profit rowing organization. Madder Consulting can work with you to move beyond bake sales and carwashes to engage your community for consistent and reliable support year over year. Whether it’s a special fundraising event, or a strategic initiative to span years, Madder Consulting can make the critical difference between a new coxbox, or a new boathouse with an endowment. 


Even if a boathouse is not part of your plans, Madder Consulting can teach you to use everyday tools like email and social media marketing to consistently reach your supporters. Remember it's just as important that they hear from you when it isn’t a fundraiser! 


Many fundraising services charge a percentage of whatever you raise, so as you watch the club meet its goal, you also watch the service provider’s take go up. Madder Consulting only charges by the hour, so you know that the cost will never go beyond what has been budgeted for the fundraising project.

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