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Image by Keith McCrea


Madder Consulting will work with your organization leveraging social media platforms to market your organization’s service and products. Are you a rowing club looking to grow membership and community awareness or engagement? Are you a rowing company looking to reach more customers in the rowing community? Sitting at a service nexus between the rowing community and social media, Madder Consulting is the perfect solution for you. No other social media marketing company understands the rowing community world-wide like Madder Consulting, and no rowing professional understands social media marketing as well as Madder Consulting. 


Rowing is a small community and Madder Consulting sets its pricing structure to reflect that. You shouldn’t have to pay a traditional social media management company thousands of dollars a month to market your rowing organization like just another health club. Madder understands your mission, your needs, and your audience. Together we can create a strategic social media marketing plan that works for your budget.

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