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Offering guidance, recommendations, and implementation

Team/Roster Roadmap Planning

Who is your membership? Are they a team, or do you have cabals competing for resources, equipment, and water time? I can help organize your club membership into squads and groups that work together to serve the long-term goals of the organization.


You don’t have to be a collegiate rowing team to consider and strategize about how you bring new members into your organization. I can sit down and help you map out a strategy (recruiting date tentpoles, branding, tools, and messaging) that will help you build a team and club with longevity.

Team Culture and Retention Strategies

Once you get them in the door, how do you get them to stay? I can help your organization formulate and craft an organizational culture and experience that no one will ever want to move on from.

Budget Strategy

How to manage your budget from a perspective of long-term planning.  How to prepare and schedule equipment turnover, while saving and managing for the future.  How to spend what you have and prepare for what you need 5, 10, 15, or even 50 years down the road.

Fundraising & Sponsorships

Set up your organization so that fundraising is a primary, sustained, and strategic initiative. Can you gain community support from individuals, families, and businesses? How can that community appreciate the value your organization brings? I can help establish goals, teach you how to build relationships, and help conceptualize tentpole events that will set the foundation for a long-term fundraising strategy.

Enhance the Experience

A forward-thinking rowing organization should always be considering how to improve the club experience from the moment a member walks in the door. What steps can you take to regularly evaluate the member experience, and seek out enhancements? Work with me to evaluate both substantial and minutiae changes that can be made to improve the athletic and recreational experience. 

Coaching/Staffing Search, Evaluation & Hiring

Coaches and support staff are the most public face of your organization. They help shape the experience and progress of the membership. I  can leverage a network of over 1500 industry professionals to help you find, vet and retain coaches and staff that are not just perfect, but perfect for your organization!

Competitive Positioning

Based on your club membership (depth, age, and experience), how would you determine your competitive goals and from there your yearly regatta schedule? My analysis of your club’s variables can help you determine where you need to direct your resources and energy competitively, and lead your organization into a position of success that is less about wins and losses, and more about achievement.

The Coach Whisperer: Coach Mentorship/Leadership Consultation

All coaches have challenge moments, be it decisions about the competitive goals, the training program, or interpersonally navigating club and athlete complexities. Typically a retainer service, I can be regularly available to help coaches sort out challenges and problems that occur, without disrupting the club’s culture or athlete experience.

Community/Municipal Relations

How well do you know your municipal oversight? Many city and town administrators don’t distinguish a canoe from a rowing shell, and are unaware of the uniqueness of competitive and recreational rowing and its community. I have years of experience working with county, city and town authorities negotiating fair use and access to waterways and public land. Let me help plan, communicate and negotiate for your club.

Regatta/Event Planning

Let me help you organize and coordinate your event from hiring necessary contractors (officials, timing, registration, catering, vendors) to event scheduling, and volunteer organization.

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