Madder Consulting

Providing Tactical and Strategic Guidance for Rowing Organizations

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After 25 years+ of leading, managing, and directing a myriad of rowing organizations all over the country, I realized that my successes (and failures) were a valuable offering to our community’s development and growth. Every team I have led has grown, both in terms of the number of athletes and an improvement in the athlete experience.  I have approached every challenge with a strategic mindset that the organization of tomorrow is a bigger priority than the organization of yesterday or today. 


With these experiences in mind, I started Madder Consulting, the only service in the world catered to helping rowing organizations grow and shape their future. 


Madder Consulting is a service that offers strategic planning for rowing organizations, combined with a network of experienced professionals for tactical enablement.


Review the list of services in the menu to gain a deeper understanding of how Madder Consulting can help shape your rowing organization for the future.